Tips to Help Overcome Fear, Stress, and Anxiety

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Power of the Mind Series: Tips to help overcome Fear, Stress and Anxiety.

Are you having a hard time ttrying o get over something?  Do you want to deal with a situation in a more pleasing way?  Are you hopeful or fearful of the future?  Are you experiencing tension, stress or anxiety around certain things?

Are you easily “angered” or frustrated lately?

Many of my clients are experiencing these symptoms, so I figured I’d share some methods of dealing with them.

It is interesting that when a person has a certain pattern of thinking or is focusing on something they do NOT want to happen.  They are playing the same tune over and over, watching the same show over and over.  As they keep focusing on it, thinking and talking about what they do not want to have happening, they feel worse and worse.  They are stuck, and can’t see or think of way out of it.  They often feel more out of control.

 The most fundamental realization in this struggle is this: the recognition of what thoughts are going on, words spoken, conversations in the mind or how they are feeling.  Recognition or awareness of the thoughts as they go through your mind is the first step in taking charge of them again.

 As you start to “pay more attention” to what is going on, and as you recognize something that you do NOT like to see, hear, feel or experience it provides you with the opportunity to start to change your life towards what you DO WANT!

 To illustrate the power of this … Don’t think of a snowstorm.  Don’t think of an elephant on a unicycle.  What did you just think of?  If you are like most people you thought of the snowstorm and then the elephant.  So how do you change to focus on what you do want?

 The road to what you want sometimes starts with knowing what you do not want.  Then  defining, picturing and hearing the sights, sounds and emotions of what you do want. 

The “Don’t wants” help to point you towards what you do want.  And eventually you will become very good at moving forward towards what you do want.

So the recognition or paying attention to yourself talk, helps to create that awareness for you. 

Breath helps with the shifts as well.  This is because when you are focusing on what you do not want, there is going to be tension, stress, anxiety, frustration or something like that going on in your body.  Your circulation and blood flow is affected.  Which also means that blood flow to the brain is decreased, which would logically affect clarity of thought and thinking. 

Here is an exercise you can do right now.  Take a deep breath.  So play and work along with me.  Take that first deep breath.  Good!

Now take the second deep breath…. Go ahead…. Good!

Now take the third deep full breath.  Good!

Notice now, that there was and will be a difference between the first and third breaths and how you are feeling.  (If you don’t notice anything, which is highly unlikely, do it again and let everything slow down with each conscious breath.)

 Once we have the recognition and start to calm and relax with breath, we can then start to think about, talk about and focus on what you do want!  How will it feel to have and be there? What are the experiences, sights, sounds, smells that are associated with what you do want?  This helps to reset your thought process and habits.

 As you start to practice this and create those mental muscles and continue to strengthen them with daily mind habits and “paying attention to your focus”, it becomes easier and easier.

 This is simple but powerful beginning for you.  Many people like to come in to see me, for what I call “mind coaching”.  These tips can offer you some good beginnings.  If nothing else the breathing and mind focus work will be very valuable for you too!

 Your comments, feedback and perspectives are encouraged and always invited.

Feel free to call me at 250-380-0702 and I will be able to offer you some additional tips as well.

Might as well make your thoughts and excitement the ones you like the best!

 To Your Well Being and success, Gregg

 PS:  Personal session are always recommended too!  Because they can help us get right to the root of what you’re dealing with.  Always a pleasure.

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  1. I agree that there is nothing humiliating about counseling. I know a couple who had to attend marriage counseling and were a bit reluctant at first. But they’re fine now and happy they did.

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