The Power of Your Mind

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The Power of Your Mind

I am inspired by the thought of how powerful our minds are and how we can actually achieve our highest of goals.

Sometimes I find that the achieving of a goal takes longer than I planned; or more accurately, longer than I wanted it too!  How about you?  I think we can all relate to this in some way.

So what do I, you, and we do about this challenge?  We deal with it in a plethora of different ways, from: the useful and productive to the ones that cause anxiety, stress, sadness or any number of negative emotions.


In nature the earth creates plants from the seeds that are planted… some weeds, some flowers, and some provide fruit.  Even some of the ‘weeds’ in our lives have a purpose or benefit.  It’s often simply a matter of how we look at an experience or how it speaks to us.  (We will explore that in more detail another time.)


What Mental ‘Seeds’ Are You Planting?

 Let’s get back to the ‘seeds’ that we all plant in our minds.  What kind of fruit, flowers or weeds are you planting?  As soon as we start to Pay Attention, to observe, and to listen to what is going on in our heads, minds, and inner movies, we can begin to help guide ourselves to create the ‘crops’ that serve us best.  To create the harvest that we truly want.

That’s all well and good to say, but how does that happen?  Remember it can take some time and practice. For some it is very quick, for others there is more learning and practice needed, to create new ‘mental muscle’ habits!  Just like going to the gym, “inner, mental and mind fitness” needs to be exercised and developed. 

You can start doing it by paying attention to the messages your mind sends you.  If something does not feel good, make sense, sound or look right, it is BIG Message to you.  A sign that it is a time to start thinking about what you do want!  And how to change it.

By starting to explore “What If”, “Possibility Thinking” or thinking about what sounds and looks good or how you really want to feel, you begin to plant a new crop. A crop that serves you in the best of ways!  This is when you truly begin to explore the power of your mind!


What Mental ‘Seeds’ Should You Be Planting?

 What kind of crops and seeds do you really want to plant?  Once you start to plant the crops that you would really like to have and you water and care for them, they grow to be strong, fun, happy and productive!  As one of my mentors said, there is a season to sow and a season to reap, and it is never in the same season!

So, here’s the take away from this post: start thinking about your possibilities.  What are the positive avenues that your life can take from here?  What are you sowing?  From there your actions will follow and you can start the next steps in achieving your goals.

I think it was Steven Covey who said “begin with the end in mind”.  As is true with any wise quote, it can be applied to many aspects of our lives. 

Comment below if you have anything to add to this discussion.  Your opinion is always welcome!


Wishing you only the best in life,


Gregg Turner,

Professional Life coach, Hypnotherapist, and Counsellor in Victoria BC.


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