The Power of Your Mind: Your future is NOW!

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The Power of Your Mind Series  Today: Your future is now!

You might as well make it Good!

As the New Year approaches many people think about the future and about plans to make changes.

Every year right after New Year’s I notice that my fitness center is really busy and in about 2 weeks it goes back to normal volume. With the regulars and a few new folks staying with it.

It makes me wonder why people do that! Why do people sabotage themselves? Why do people wait until the new year for a new start? Maybe this would be a good article for the June or July!

How do you decide what you want? Some people just “know it”; some people “get a feeling”; some people “get a picture in their mind”; some people “talk it out” or have an “internal conversation”; some people “analyze and dissect it”. There are different ways to do so based on your internal communication and processing/learning styles. Let me know if you would like to learn more about that.

Some people wait until they find something they truly like and move towards it, while others wait to find something they don’t like, and then they seek to find a way out of it. Both of these paths can serve you. And I would suggest that the more proactive you become the easier and more fun the journey and the faster you will realize the outcomes you really want.

Start with taking the first of 3 deep BREATHs. It begins a relaxation, calming and internal connection process. It helps with blood flow to the Brain, therefore clearer thinking and decisions that will serve you better.  Breathing is one of the most powerful and rapid ways to take affect your thoughts and therefore your life.  It’s one of the simple components of my Victoria BC counselling sessions.

After a few moments of breathing, consciously relaxing and instructing the mind to relax the body, you start to create the avenues to reflect, in a calm manner. What do you really want? What do you really need? What would make you feel truly happy and content? When would you like to see it become reality? What is the first ACTION step to take? What are the next and the next and the next ACTION steps after you begin? How will you know you have achieved your goal? How will you feel, hear, taste, experience, see or know when you have reached it?

What emotions or feelings will flow through your body? The more connected you become with the emotions the more connected you become to realizing what you “want”, “need” or “achieve”. The power of being “positively emotionally involved” with your dreams, goals or desires, is significant. It makes you more likely to achieve them. When you paint the picture in your minds eye about what you want, in full colour, full sound and full feelings/emotions, you can more fully help yourself keep that focus.

“Carry on and Stay calm.”  This is a mantra one of my clients shared with me. Think about it… keeping calm and carrying on! In order to achieve any worthy endeavour we must keep on, carry on and being calm, in order to achieve it in the easiest and best of ways. If there is drama and stress it may not be your worthy goal or direction.. or perhaps you are caught up in some internal “drama”, “belief” or “judgement”. You will know because those do not feel as good and as pleasant as the ones when you are in your place of connection to your truth.

Sometimes people need help to reach that place or understanding. Find yourself a professional to assist you, read some books, meditate, and take some action.

Action is integral ….. there is a saying that goes like… “when you pray, move your feet!”. Action to help you get your results, ANY TIME of the YEAR. It all starts with a thought, idea, reflection, which created your decisions. Once you truly decide on something that is truly best for you and You Decide to own it, YOU will make it so. You will take the appropriate thoughts to lead to your best of actions. Plus you will learn on the way! It is the journey or adventure that leads to your experience and wisdom.

Once you truly decide you will be one of the people who will carry on with your decision no matter what. It will be like something that can not be stopped because it is truly a part of you and your highest good!

So Why not start Now? Why wait until Jan 1st? Make Your New future starting Now and Keep on Carrying On and Being Calm, while you Be, Have it and DO the action to receive and get it!

With Good wishes for your New Year Now and Blessings of the Season, Gregg

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