The Power of Your Mind: Time to Move Forward? By Gregg Turner PhD

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Is it Your Time to Move Forward?

Is there some situation in your life “holding” you back? Do you think there is a person holding you back? Are you looking for more in life? Is it your time to move forward? If you were free to move forward, would you?

These are interesting and important questions for you to consider. Maybe you are being held back and don’t even know it! Maybe you are just now starting to think about moving forward.

If you are reading this, then you are already on the journey forward because you are looking for answers, perspectives or willing to expand your horizons. So congratulations!!!
No person, place or thing can really ever hold you back. The ‘holding back’ is always within you.

This may sound untrue at first. Situations and people around us can trigger internal thoughts for sure. Some situations or people are toxic, some not what we really want to be part of. Some may be part of your family or an aspect of a job or perhaps part of the “system” that you live in.

I believe we are the only ones that can really hold ourselves back. Even in certain circumstances when there is an external force or physical limitation, we all have the power to decide the thoughts and attitudes we will have. You can change your thinking process. Be aware that for sure, there is previous conditioning, based on past experiences that influence or even control you. Those can be called beliefs or judgements or just ‘stinkin thinking’, and it can be changed!

Are you reacting to “things” and “stuff” (very technical… :o) ) around you? Do you get upset or feel frustrated or trapped? If so, you are running some programs, old tapes, beliefs or previous hurts or experiencing “false evidence appearing real” (aka FEAR).
Are you feeding, giving power, and strength to something outside of you and do not even know it? Is it something external and you will be in some “reaction mode” instead of in the control seat and in “response-able mode”?

It may be as simple as not feeling as happy as you wish to be or being frustrated at what is occurring in your life or always seeing the nastier sides of things. Wanting something different and deciding that it is time to move forward is part of the step. Kind of like knowing what you don’t want helps you to focus on what you do want.

The word FOCUS is an important one. It is your focus, what you see, imagine, feel, sense, hear, and experience.  It has a Huge impact on what you end up feeling.

By shifting focus is part of the moving forward process. Sometimes we need to change our physical to change the internal. By this I mean check out your physiology.

By paying attention you can notice how are you holding or carrying your body. Are you breathing deeply (as you really need to be)? Are you slumped over and limiting your lung capacity? Are you holding and walking around like a happy progressive person or the opposite?

By adjusting your physical way of being you can help to start to adjust your internal – emotional or psychological. Including your full deep and complete breathing brings oxygen to your brain to help with clearer and more accurate thinking.  And this leads to actions.

Looking at and examining things from a different point of view is useful. Try pretending to see from the point of view of the person you would like to be.  In doing this you can work to become that person who you want to be.

Or maybe it is like the view it would be from a mountain top on a clear day vs. being deep in the forest where you are unable to see what’s around the next corner.

Or maybe it is like going into a calm neutral position or state, instead of trying to ram forward or force a situation.

When you think and take a look at things from a different perspective it is almost like experiencing, seeing, hearing and feeling it in a totally different manner. As you do so it will create a direction to move forward.

Where do you want to go? What do you want to experience, feel, see and hear around you? Where are you wanting to move forward?

Would it be okay to let go and make the best of the current experience, as you start to create pictures, sounds and feelings about what it will be like as you have and be? Are you ready to move forward and achieve that next step along your journey? I hope your answer is a resounding YES! Every day is an opportunity. We might as well make it a great adventure! And yes it does and will get better and better!

To Your Success and With Most Excellent Wishes, Gregg

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