The Power of Your Mind: Excitment for Life!

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The Power of Your Mind: Excitement for Life!
by Gregg Turner

The Power of Your Mind Series
Today: Are you Excited about Life?

I recently had a client that was concerned about “low excitement levels” that were being experienced in life. As I explored this and did some post session review, it became clear this is a situation that impacts many people.

Now, I am NOT talking about “over the moon” jumping up and down excitement. And if that is the way it is for you, Great! Many people seem to lose some of the “zest” for “excitement” as they get older.


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Some of this is something one can tend to buy into. As children, most every thing is a new experience, which brings out natural excitement from within us.

Think about the things that you or those around you get excited about. Often it is about something that is new or that you’ve experienced before. Isn’t it? The Big event, the major accomplishment, the goal scored, that new restaurant, that vacation or trip to a new place, that new person in your life, the new baby, that new job or new hobby, that new home, that new car or other items.

After you’ve “been there and done that”, what happens? Usually the initial “excitement” wanes and decreases. It becomes part of a memory, an experience completed. The more “experienced” some become, the less excited they are about things in general. This can be deflate-ting, IF we allow it to occur.

What is one of thing that caused you excitement in the past? Imagine being back in that situation, right now! How did it feel? What did you sound like when you were in that state? What other sights and sounds were present? How did you feel? Were there smells in the air? What actions were you taking? How did your body feel? These meditations will bring back aspects of that very same feeling, sensation, and excitement. The mind will create the same feeling from our memories as from the actual event. This is a version of what is also called “anchoring”. Sometimes it takes some practice, and sometimes it occurs more naturally.

It’s funny how when we practise gratitude and appreciation on a regular basis we become more excited about life.  This works because you are actually re-experiencing some of the same exciting experiences, feelings, sights and sounds. So it would be a Very Good idea to do so, wouldn’t you agree?

Remembering to remember and focusing on those positive memories allows us to re-access the same experience. Dreams can show this to us easily as well.
So, how about, after you read this paragraph, let your eyes close and take 3 deep and full breaths, then just imagine, see, hear and feel that experience or positive event in your mind’s eye. You can meditate or visualize that situation and as you do so, in a fully engaged way, you will start to re-establish that same feeling and situation. (You also do this with negative events too, but why bother?)

One of the many cool things about this easy exercise is that, there are different degrees or aspects of excitement. Stress is a form of excitement and if you are focusing on the stuff you don’t want or like, you will not be experiencing the type of excitement you really want to be experiencing. By becoming more and more aware of what your thoughts are and what is going on within yourself, you become more able to shift into the “excitement” mode that serves you best. Your thoughts and memories become even more powerful.

What are your dreams, goals and vision for the future? If it does not excite you, what can you do about it? You can start to think about the dreams, vision goals, (past-present or future), that get you excited. Whatever that feeling is for you! However it looks best for you. The best possible sounds around you.

The stronger that “mental muscle” becomes, the better it will serve you. The more visits you make to the “house of your mind”, the more you practise guiding your thoughts, the stronger those “habits” will become. That means the more excited you will become as well. Your future is truly exciting!

What and how your looking at life is will be a factor in your “Excitement for Life”!
Might as well make your thoughts and excitement the ones you like the best!

With Good Wishes, Gregg

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