The Power of Your Mind: The Power of Thankfulness

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The Power of Your Mind Series

Today: Thanks and Forgiving!


For people in Canada, this is our Thanksgiving. 

So Happy Thanksgiving to All!

When you think about it, every day is a good day to offer thanks, gratitude, and appreciation.  Why not?  Every time we express our thanks we are contributing to a positive energy flow in our body and also for those around us.

From a physical perspective, thanks creates more calmness in our muscles and with less stress/tension and more relaxation we automatically provide better circulation in our bodies.  With better circulation we have improved blood flow to the brain, which in turn provides clearer thinking and more internal balance.   Plus there are a number of positive chemicals and hormones being activated and awakened within us.   That’s pretty good stuff for just expressing a thankful thought and appreciation, if you ask me!  Even a heart felt “Thanks So Much”, will have that effect as well.  Again it is not just about You!  :o))   It is also impacts people around us, animals, and there are even studies showing changes in plants!


“Thanks-for-Forgiving” (kind of sounds and flows like “ThanksGiving”) and is a great place to continue thinking about the physical power of thankfulness.  Releasing and letting go of past hurts and emotional pain, also has huge benefits for the body, such as improving your immune system support. 


 What is forgiveness? 


What is forgiving?  Webster’s would say something like: to stop blame and grant pardon; Synonyms: accept apology, acquit, allow for, amnesty, bear no malice, bear with, bury the hatchet, efface, kiss and make up, laugh off, let bygones be bygones, let it go, let pass, let up on, make allowance, purge.  Some interesting perspectives here like:  “bear no malice” and “bury the hatchet”, remind us of peace and harmony.  These are always good things I think! 

What is the opposite of forgiving?  To accuse, blame, censure, charge, punish.  Some of which are likened to attack, injure and do harm.  This should lead us to wonder about how these actions serve you?  Why should you not forgive?  Dwell on that for a minute, and see if you can actually come up with a good reason.  Something tells me that you won’t find one.  Especially since it produces tension, stress, poor circulation, decreases immune systems, plus a lot of other things that you don’t want.

So What can You Do?

So, where ever you are in the world, what would happen if you looked, listened, thought of and got a grasp on even a little bit more Thanks?  What are some of the things you are thankful and appreciative for?  What could you be more thankful for? Perhaps it is for aspects of your physical body… maybe it is for being able to get around… Maybe for a meal….  Maybe for the computer you are using…. What about for sunshine, “rainshine” or an aspect of nature?  What about having this brief evanescent glimpse of a life that lingers in time so delicately? When you think about it there are lots of things to be thankful for.  The same goes for people in your life as well.  Maybe it is for having a friend, partner, family member, co-worker, or just pleasant customer services. 

Imagine what happens when you forgive, releasing pain and burdens of the past.  Move to looking, feeling, thinking, and hearing about things to be thankful for.  Even if it is just to learn about something you do not want, which helps you to focus on what you do want!  This is something we’ll think about more in future articles…

As we all forgive and are thankful a little bit more all the time, not only does it free and help us as individuals, it frees and helps those around us, especially the person you are frustrated with, whom are usually “loved ones”!  This is because it puts you into a stronger, safer and more content place.  This means you are healthier, happier and a lot more fun to be around too!  Even for yourself (you become more fun).  And that means that you are in a flow of abundance. 

Look around for small examples in your own life, of things to be thankful for.  Take a Deep and Full Breath right now.  Listen to the clear positive voice within.  Express your appreciation and gratitude to others, even for something small.

Smile more.  Allow the feeling and perspectives of forgiveness to flow from and to you.  Think about happy moments in your life.  Remember those with thanks.  Imagine what it would be like to be in a state of Forgiveness and Thanks as you travel through life.


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Imagine, See, Hear and get a sense of how your wonderful future will be as you exercise these mental and internal muscles.

With Thanks and Appreciation, Gregg,

Victoria BC counsellor, life coach, and therapist.

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