The Power of Hope

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The Power of Your Mind Series

Today: The Power of Being Hopeful

Hope is defined in the dictionary as:  1. The feeling that, what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

(The opposite would be to give up hope!  Of course that does not work out very well for us.)

As a verb it is something (or a feeling) to look forward to, with desire and reasonable confidence.   Or something to believe, desire, or trust.

When we look at it in this light, being full of Hope, is a good thing!  Especially when you consider the opposite! Hope can help us to keep moving forward.  To keep on wanting to achieve our goals.  To “Keep on Keeping On”, so to speak. 

Keeping “on” sounds, feels, and looks better than shutting “off”, especially when it ties into our progressions.  Personally, Spiritually, Health, Business, and Success.  Of course there are times and ways that we all need to “calm the mind”, to “relax”, “de-stress” and “create balance”.   That is different from shutting off completely. 

Being “Hopeful” helps us to follow many of the Universal laws.  One being the Law of Attraction.  There is certainly a lot of information out there about that.  Very much like the earlier blog, about the seeds we plant in the garden of our minds.

Being hopeful for the: Best Health. Best Relationship.  Best Abundance. Best Income.  Best Success.


“Being Hopeful for the Best of whatever you want helps you to take action to actually achieve what it is that you want.

Every action starts with a thought or idea of what you want.  And to be “hopeful” helps you to realize what it is that you really want.  In light of this, here is an important question to consider:

What are your Hopes and Dreams?

Remember every reality starts with a thought, idea, or what I will call a “hope – thought”!

Some people may say that being hopeful is unrealistic or too idealistic or “pie in the sky”.  In most cases, the things we are hopeful for are already things that are within our abilities to achieve.  Being hopeful for more money, sure is realistic and a good place to start to think, act, speak, learn and discover ways that can actually work for you.  Being hopeful for a happy relationship can help you start to realize the things that are important to you.  Even help you take steps to be happier and more appreciative.  Being Hopeful for a Healthy body can help you start or stay with exercise and wellness living (plus helps the body on a physiological level).  Being Hopeful for a positive and strong Mind can help you achieve goals you want to materialize. 

Without hope people have given up.  It just makes good sense to be Hopeful. 

What if your Hopes became your reality? 

Of course that is what you want to have happen, isn’t it?


I encourage you to think about what you are hopeful to Be, Have, and Do in your own life. 

It is often the starting place to begin to move forward towards whatever your life will become.  As we expand our personal horizons, or “Hopes” and start to take some “ACTIONS”, we certainly can start to achieve them.  You will begin the process to make the “hopes” a reality.  Especially as we continue to take steps forward over time.  You just never know exactly how long it will take to get there.   That is one of the reasons that “Keeping On” with the highest of ideals, goals, or “hopes” serves you well.  The actualization of what you “hope” for may only be one “hopeful thought” and ”action” away!

To Your Success and to Your “Hopes” realized!

Gregg Turner, professional hypnotherapist and counsellor in Victoria bc.


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