How Perception and Reputation Build Success

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Doors of Perception


Image perception and reputation are key components of your success.

They’re supported through the goal process, so defining them becomes an interesting thing. So, how do you define it? How do you look at these things? How do you think about them?

What people see leads to how they feel. Emotions are tied into it, and it all happens in the blink of an eye.


How are you perceived?

Of course, we all know that having a strong reputation and being perceived in a positive light is very good for business. Conceptually, I know that and you know that. But how do we make it real?

Perceptions can be created in so many different ways.

We send out information to individuals based on our internal images: our self-image, our degrees of confidence, and our self-esteem. Some of the most successful people that are out there have spent a lot of time working on their confidence, and others are still in that process. We are all in that process, whether we’re taking active steps to improve it or not. Your mindset is associated with the perception and image that will create the reality and your true reputation.

A professional who manages how their company is perceived, both internally and externally, will achieve great things. The way others perceive your business will create your business reality. Their perspective and their perceptions might not be your reality, but it doesn’t matter. It’s their reality and that’s the key.

Other people’s perception of you and your business will show the world how well you’ve mastered the mindsets of life and business. Any one team or company who fails to manage their image or reputation will ultimately struggle. Those who are proactive and who choose to focus on it will be glad they did, and will receive the rewards that come into place.

So, take a moment right now and think about how you’re perceived. What do you think is the image of you, your company, and your direction? What’s your personal perception of your colleagues? That’s also an interesting question, and one worth looking at. From these questions comes the identification of your strengths and weaknesses. Every strength can be a weakness, and every weakness can be strength. There’s always a flip side and it’s important that you understand both.



Benjamin Franklin once said, “Glass, china and reputation are easily cracked, and never well mended.”

So hold on to your reputation if you have a good one, and treat it like a continuous improvement project. Build on it whenever possible. You and your company’s images, perceptions and reputations are your most valuable assets, and they need to be maintained, nourished and developed.

The reputation flow


Some businesses are sold strictly on their reputation—their client base creates revenue, that revenue creates work, and that work creates assets. This is a very important process that creates not only success, but also enjoyment. But remember that while it takes mastery to build and maintain a good public perception, reputation and image, it takes very little to destroy them.

So, this is one of the reasons why it’s very important for you to expand your successes in an ongoing way. It’s much easier (not to mention cost-effective) to build and maintain a good reputation than it is to try to fix one.

Many times, once a reputation is damaged, it may never be completely recovered. This is true even if the perception isn’t real. The Better Business Bureau says an image means everything, and that having a strong corporate image cannot be over emphasized. I would also include personal and team images with that. This is why it’s so important and helpful to reflect on your image and how you’re perceived. And if you don’t know these things, you can always ask. The answer you receive may be a very valuable thing to unfold. Just be prepared for whatever comes back.

Warren Buffet says that it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it, and if you think about that you’ll do some things differently along the way.

So now, as you start to think, what are some different things you can do to create a stronger image? Do you participate in community events? Are you of service to the community? How important is that? I would say it’s pretty important.


The benefits of a positive perception and reputation

Businesses with poor reputations lack credibility, have high staff turnover ,and high client turnover. Sometimes, it’s hard for them to create new team members. They struggle to attract those solid and long-term good clients and it also breeds distrust. So, business success isn’t there either.

Businesses with a good reputation have a long and fruitful existence. They’re credible and they attract, re-train and retain really solid and very good people. Trustworthiness and dependability become key components within a good reputation, and a good business image as well. It flourishes and grows. People want to support you because you are doing good things.

When you have a positive perception, people want to join your organization. Whether it’s as a staff member, associate or joint venture, they simply want to associate with you. Things will run more smoothly and efficiently, and you’ll have lots of support and assistance.

Social scientists have found that employee attitudes are predictable and causal factors of financial performance, and employee attitudes are directly related to image and reputation as well. It’s all tied together. And when staff are happier and therefore more productive, you’ll receive more clients as a result of this higher level of service.

You’ll create a strong future as you move forward by maintaining and continuing to develop how you’re perceived. It increases your market ability, adds and assists with your ongoing financial worth and growth, and so much more. You’ll also enjoy more and more referrals and your business success grows.

These are all important points to keep in mind, whether you’re looking for a career, are already in a career, or are just starting one. As you manage your perception, image and reputation, it equals more success in all areas of your life.