Free Advice and Tips from Local Victoria Counsellor, Gregg Turner

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Free Advice and Tips from Local Victoria Counsellor, Gregg Turner

Counselling-Victoria-BC-Solution-StreetThis page is dedicated to helping you get some help right now, before you speak with me or another local counsellor in Victoria.  This advice comes in the form of practical tools and insight that you can apply in your life. Although the concepts are simple, applying them takes practice.  I encourage you to take care and practice these techniques, as they will help you.

I sincerely hope that you find these tips helpful. Be sure to write in the comment section below if you have any thoughts or questions that you would like me to address.

  1. Breathing is a simple but effective technique when you feel stress, sadness, anxiety, or frustration.  Remember to intentionally Breath Slow Deep breaths, a minimum of 3 in sequence.  This helps to relax muscles, provides oxygen to the brain, reduces stress quickly, and assists is calming to your mind.  This helps equip you to make the decisions that serve you best.
  2. As you may or may not be aware, I have great deal of training in NLP and the importance of language in our relationships (see professional counselling background). Pay attention to the words you speak, your thoughts and thinking.  Are you speaking and thinking about what you want or what you do not want?  As you focus on and understand what you want, the way you would like things to be, sound, look and feel, you start a process of direction and attraction.  This will help you to become happier, more content, more successful and achieve a better life.
  3. Remember that the past is the past and it is truly only useful to plan for how you want things to be.  All of your life exists in the future.  As you focus on where you are going or how you would like it to be, your odds of achieving it increase in a huge way!
  4. Every successful person utilizes counsellors, therapists and coaches.  Often a number of them in different areas of expertise.  That is how life progresses, and how freedom and success occur more rapidly.  We all need help at some point, especially if we want to achieve great things. Who are your resources?
  5. Ensure you have a consistent water intake.  This assists in all physical and mental functions.  Providing proper levels of water to the brain will assist in all brain functions, as well, therefore assisting in clearer thoughts and actions.  Plus higher levels of wellness and abilities to be “adaptive” to life situations.  You can get some free information by request by contacting us.
  6. Study, read and/or listen to “positive”, uplifting, and insightful information every day.  Even a short paragraph will assist you in achieving greater calmness, joy, fun, health and well being.  Again, email for some suggestions.  It may sound simple, but positivity can spread throughout all aspects of your life.

I hope you have found these counselling tips helpful.  If you have any questions or concerns please write them in the comment section below.  It is my pleasure to be at your service.