You Know Mindset Affects Your Life … But How Does It Affect Your Career?

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“Man is not a circle with a single center; he is an ellipse with two focii. Facts are one, ideas are the other.” – Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

It’s likely that you’ve considered your mindset as it relates to your every day life.  If you’re anything like most people, you’ve thought about it … thought it might be nice to be like that, then you’ve moved on.  Maybe you’ve taken it a few steps further and watched a few Tony Robbins interviews.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tony Robbins, but if your mindset doesn’t change your life there’s no point in changing your mindset.  There are some integral questions you need to answer in order to make sense of how your mindset will lead to success in your career:

What is your mindset?

What are some of your limiting beliefs?

Is Your Mindset Running Free or Under Control

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What are some of the things that are holding you back in a variety of different ways along your life’s journey?

What thoughts and ideas are part of the eternal conversation that goes on in your head?

Some of these questions are “deep”, but they are worth asking (and answering) if you’ve never thought long and hard about them.  And … they are all critical components of your mindset.

How does a mindset come together?

Your mindset is your mental attitude. Your life experiences are part of your mindset, but your mindset is developed in unconscious ways as well. With my background in areas of the mind, I’ve studied this extensively. There is a direct relationship between your mindset and your representational systems, which are the parts of the communication systems that tie in to how you communicate (we’ll touch on these systems another day).

Our internal communication is in fact the key component of our mindset.

Science is now tying in more and more knowledge around mindsets, but how do you learn and assimilate information without even knowing that you’re doing it? Where do limiting beliefs come from?

Think of your mindset as a foundation. It’s the foundation of your career, of where you want to go, but also the foundation of your mind. Your attitude and your perspectives are part conscious and part unconscious, and can be learned, unlearned, programmed and reprogrammed in a variety of different ways.

What Nose Picking Tells Us about Mindset:

I had a situation once where I was at a party for young children. These were all pre-school age kids, and one of the girls was sitting there and she was picking her nose very, very deeply. It looked like the whole finger was in the nose. Her father, being an astute father, said to her, “Don’t pick your nose. Pick your friends.”

The little girl looked over to her dad, said “okay,” then went over and started picking her friend’s nose.

Well, we all thought that was pretty funny, but in retrospect, as I developed my career in learning, that was a great demonstration of how the child literally interpreted information.

Nose Picking and Mindset

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We interpret information directly as we’re growing up and it is assimilated into who we are. These things that are spoken, whether it’s a sarcastic statement, a piece of comedy, or something that was meant in jest, can be taken, incorporated into our lives, and built into our mindset.

And of course, the mindset is so critically important for career and for business success.  It becomes the very fabric of who we are in our business lives and how we contribute to the organization(s) we are a part of.


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