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  Career counselling – They say there are two types of people, those who want to love their work and robots. I take it you’re here because you are not a robot. And you may have gathered that there really is no one who wants to do something they don’t love. There are just some people who are better at ‘dealing with it’ than others. But you don’t have to just deal with it. There are many people out there who are living lives they do not love, and maybe you’re one of those people right now. But you’re here, ready to make a change. Because life can be better. You can change the direction that your life is headed. You may be working at a job that isn’t fulfilling for you right now or in need of some general career guidance. That motivation that brought you here matters. The direction of your life matters. I’m Gregg Turner, a career counsellor in Victoria, with over 20+ years’ experience. Though I’d like to say that I have seen it all, over the years, I’m glad to say that I have not. Every case is different, because every person is different. In my opinion, each individual needs an individual course of action, specific to them. I specialize in this customized assistance catered to you and your situation. The tools that I’ve built up over the years ensure that you will get the help YOU need. When it comes to career counselling, my approach is very different than a lot of other career counsellors. Life and time are so precious that I want you to experience rapid change because of our working together, this is what I call “rapid results”. I also guarantee that you will get results from every single session. Why else would you be paying me to help you?

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Without boring you by going too deep with it here, I would like to say a few things about how we will work together. It is a constructive process. I’m not going to psychoanalyze you and talk with you about your childhood. This isn’t about that time you got pushed into the mud on the playground. It’s about today and making today better. We’ll look at who you are now and what can be done now to help you improve your life and your ability to live it. Here are a few of things you will get from working with me:
  • Focus on rapid results because your life and time are valuable.
  • You will get customized career counselling based on your needs.
  • You will know that your career is on the right path for your life as it is now.
  • You will get practical help, without the mumbo jumbo.
  • You will achieve certainty that what you are doing with your life is what you want.
  • You will good again about the way your life is headed.
  • You will be able to say “this changed my life”.
  • In working together there are a lot of things that I owe you.
  • The primary one is results/change.
As you’ve likely already realized, I love working with people and am always willing to talk to make sure we’re a good fit. This is why I give a free phone consultation to anyone who is looking for help with their career (and lives). As I’ve already mentioned I guarantee that you will get a result (that you are happy with) from every session. In other words, your life will change for the better. If you ask me, that’s what you deserve.

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