"It takes courage to improve your life."

You've already taken the first steps. Let's go the rest of the way together.

How can I help?

It is an honour for me to help people like you who know they need help to improve their lives.  That’s often the first step to a better life. I have a number of different tools to help you in a counselling session, from hypnotherapy to cognitive behaviour therapy to career counselling to marriage counselling.  The breadth of my skills and experience will help you get rapid lasting results.  In fact, I guarantee that you will get a result with every session.

Rapid Results

Rapid results counselling and therapy is all about giving people in Victoria BC rapid results as quickly as possible. Although this sounds pretty straight forward, there are a whole lot of things behind it. I am trained in many different modes and approaches to counselling. This allows me to draw upon all those different tools in my tool box to help you. Because of the variety of my tools I am able to help you more quickly than I could otherwise. Ultimately leading to rapid and permanent healing.

Money Back Guarantee

That’s right!   I offer a money back guarantee!  Meaning no charge for that session.  Because of the results and benefits my clients have during our partnership,  I am confident that you will find the value too!  Plus it is a very positive way to help make your decision to move forward even easier.  Feel free to contact me directly for more information.